What is the Yoga? what is the benefits of Yoga for humans.


What is the yoga?

What is the yoga?

The entire world today recognized the benefits of yoga that had been evolving for thousands of years.

 Where exercise is necessary for physical development on the one hand.

 Yoga is an excellent contribution of the yoga sans to the right functioning of the organs if you want to be healthy inside.

Do all Yogasanas in the morning

Sunrise is the best time for Yogasanas. By doing Yogasanas in the morning, the body gets the energy to walk throughout the day.

 Yoga contributes to the successful operation of all the internal activities happening in our bodies.

 Today, when the whole world understands the importance of yoga and is taking advantage of it, there is a shortage of people who believe in it.

 If you want to be Shatayu, make yoga an essential part of your routine.

What is the yoga?

Start with Surya Namaskar

Suryanamaskars are a group of 12 types of yogasanas. Do this every morning.

▶Do this yoga together

1) Anulom Vilom
2) Kapal Bharti
3) Mayurasan
4) Sarvangasana
5) Hallasan
6) Dhanurasan
7) Naukasan

And the most important ones are Pranayama.

 Pranayama Prana is the yoga of air. You do daily pranayama with full devotion.

 It is believed that a man with pranayama has longevity, and whoever lives for a hundred years regularly does pranayama.

 Take care while doing yoga as mentioned below - Keep the stomach empty while doing yoga.

You kept breathing regularly during Yogasan. If your breath goes fast, then you will not get the full benefit of yoga.

Wearing loose and comfortable clothes for yoga, your clothes should not clog your body in any way. During yoga, your body parts should move quickly.

The benefit of yoga will not come from doing asanas for one day; whatever yoga practice you do, continue it for a long time. 

Your body will get the right benefits of yoga only after many years of continuous yoga. Some asanas can be challenging for you.

 Do not give too much emphasis on trying to do asanas outside your capacity. It should not happen that you have to give to take.

Do not compare with any other; every man has his body shape, and how many days it is also practiced matters. 

You try slowly and do as much yoga as you can. Do not drink water immediately after yoga. These losses may be payable.

What is the yoga?

 Specific asanas are forbidden in some diseases; you should do asanas only after consulting your doctor.

Doing yoga daily for a long time gives the right results of yoga. You can keep yourself young and nimble by your age. 

Rule restraint is also awakened by yoga. Regular yoga practice is well-trained, soft-spoken, punctual, helpful, and humble, taking courage, patience, modesty, and fearlessness.

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