Want to gain or lose weight? Just eat this.


Want to gain or lose weight? Just eat this.

In today's environment, two types of problems are affecting many people. One is weight gain and the other is weight loss. 

People who have these problems are spending money and taking advice from suitable experts and following many methods like exercising and eating a strict diet. 

But there are solutions for this in the food products that can be used in our homes. Let's know what they are and their benefits through this post.

 The answer to our problems lies in this sentence, "Sesame to the fat man, to the young man." According to our forefathers, this kolu and sesamum can reduce and increase obesity if used properly. 


Kollu is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is rich in vitamins, proteins and iron. Our forefathers fed the hard working horse with loot. This is why the horse's body does not accumulate fat. By adding it to the diet, you can lose weight. 

If you take a handful of cabbage and soak it in water on the first night and eat it on an empty stomach the next morning, you will lose weight quickly. You can reduce body weight easily by roasting the cabbage and keeping it into powder and eating it with rasam or soup.

Ingredients for Kollu sundal:

 Kollu – one cup, oil – 2 spoons, grated coconut – 2 spoons, mustard seeds – half teaspoon, urad dal – half spoon, salt – half spoon, curry leaves – one bunch. 


Clean the fleece and pour water in it and soak it for 8 hours.Then add it to the cooker and add three cups of water and salt to it and cook till the cooker whistles 5 times. 

Then add oil to a pan and season it with mustard, urad dal, curry leaves, mix it with the boiled dal and finally add grated coconut and mix well. 


Sesame is rich in vitamins and minerals. Sesame seeds are one of the healthiest foods in the world. If you eat it along with food, your body will be healthy. Roast sesame well in a pan and grind it and add jaggery to it and make balls and eat it daily to gain weight quickly. 

Ingredients to make Sesame Powder:

 Sesame – quarter cup, chickpeas – quarter cup, urad dal – quarter cup, cumin – 10, Asafoetida powder – half spoon, salt – one spoon.


 Sesame seeds, chickpeas, urad dal and red chillies should be roasted separately and ground into powder along with salt and asparagus powder. Eating this sesame powder with rice and ghee will increase body weight quickly.

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