How to Create Coconut Butter: Home-Cured Coconut Butter Direction

How to Create Coconut Butter: Home-Cured Coconut Butter Direction

What is coconut butter?

Coconut butter may be a delicious vegetarian butter created with sliced coconut. Since it doesn’t contain any value-added sugars or preservatives, home-cured coconut butter is healthy and alimental and doesn't have cholesterin.

Coconut butter direction

This coconut butter direction is super straightforward to form because it solely needs sliced coconut. If you have got a strong liquidizer, it’s prepared in beneath two minutes and tastes delicious!

Shredded coconut is additionally pretty reasonable compared to some fruity and seeds. This coconut butter is additionally healthier than the factory-made ones, because it doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives.

Ingredients for coconut butter

Here is what you’ll have to be compelled to create home-cured coconut butter:

*3 cups sliced or desiccated nonsweet coconut (270 g)


Making home-cured coconut butter is super simple:

*Add the sliced coconut to a liquidizer or kitchen appliance and mix till sleek.

*You can unfold the coconut butter on toasts or mix it with some raspberry jam. It’s additionally excellent for adding it to smoothies or your morning oatmeal.

*You can store the leftovers in AN airtight instrumentality within the icebox for up to two weeks.


*With a strong liquidizer, the coconut butter can have a sleek and creamy texture in mere two minutes.

*If you simply have a kitchen appliance, the butter can take concerning ten minutes to be prepared. If you don’t have enough sliced coconut, your liquidizer or kitchen appliance won’t properly mix the coconut. Your coconut butter won’t have an honest texture.

*The end result ought to have a creamy texture, almost like paste or almond butter.

*The sliced coconut might sticks to the edges whereas mixing. put off your kitchen appliance and use a knife or a wood spoon to scrape down the edges.

How to store coconut butter

Coconut butter are often hold on during a sealed instrumentality at temperature or during a icebox for up to two weeks. 

If you retain the coconut butter within the icebox, the coconut butter would possibly harden and typically separate into two layers. If this happens, simply heat it up a touch, or serve it with heat food, like cooked bread.

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