Try cooking 'Peerkangai' which cures germs and skin diseases in 5 minutes! It will be awesome.


Try cooking 'Peerkangai' which cures germs and skin diseases in 5 minutes! It will be awesome.

Green vegetables generally contain all the nutrients we need. Moreover, how many people know that Birkangai contains countless nutrients in itself? Certain types of vegetables do not play a major role in our daily diet. 

One such type of beer can give us a lot of benefits. Due to its bitterness, it can cure skin diseases. We can protect ourselves from any skin related disease by regularly adding Birkanga to our diet.

 How to cook it and eat it deliciously?

 Let's find out through this post. Birkangai contains fiber, vitamin C, zinc, iron, riboflavin and magnesium as natural nutrients. So it purifies the blood in our body. Reduces the amount of sugar in the kidneys. People who have kidney problems can often include Birkangai in their diet. 

The water content in it reduces the heat in the body and cools it down and gives us health as a gift. It can also be eaten with engineering or with sambar. Even the skin of the pear can provide us with benefits in large quantities. Do not throw it away and burn it. Eye problems can be cured by eating the peel of Birkanga. 

Now let's see how to make Birkankai Fry and Birkankai Skin Wash. Ingredients required for Birkankai Fry: 

Birkankai – 2, Onions – 1/2 cup, Cumin – 1/4 tsp, Ulutam dal – 1 tsp, Chickpeas – 1 tsp, Mustard – 1/4 tsp, Green chillies – 4, Grated coconut - 1/2 cup, curry leaves, coriander, salt – as required. - 

Birkankai Fries Recipe Description: 

First, remove the skin and seeds from the Birkankai and cut them into small pieces. Don't chop it too finely as it tends to shrink. Heat mustard oil in a pan and fry gram and chickpeas lightly. Then add curry leaves and green chillies and saute. You can also add small onions or big onions.

 Chop finely and fry until golden brown. When the onions are half fried, add the Birkangai. There is no need to add water separately as Birkangai contains water. Saute it for a minute and add salt as needed and keep it covered. Birkankai will be boiled due to water. 

At that time add some cumin seeds and add grated coconut. A bit more coconut flakes would be nice for this fry. A patty may be sprinkled with coriander. That's it very healthy and tasty Birkankai Fry is now ready.

 Method of washing the skin of the pear:

 Pour some oil in a pan and fry the skin of the pear well. Then after roasting the bell pepper, garlic onion, chickpea dal, urad dal, coriander seed and cumin separately, add coconut and grind it to a coarse paste, it will be very tasty. 

This wash is capable of removing all the germs present in the body. It helps a lot in boosting immunity, reducing body heat and improving eyesight. Do and eat and reap the benefits.

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