Is mayonnaise served with fast food good for the body? How to make natural mayonnaise at home very easily?

Is mayonnaise served with fast food good for the body? How to make natural mayonnaise at home very easily?

In the modern world, more and more people are looking for fast food instead of cooking and eating healthy at home. Due to this, the number of fast food restaurants is increasing significantly. 

Served with pizza, burgers, naan roti, grilled chicken, etc., this mayonnaise flavor is something that most of the youngsters are addicted to.

 What is this mayonnaise made of? Does it bring health to the body? How can we make it naturally at home very easily? That is what we are going to know through this post. 

Made with raw eggs, lemon juice, salt, oil, etc., this mayonnaise is made without using an oven and if not maintained properly, bad bacteria can easily form. As it is very easy to do, it is better for those who need it to do it at home in a healthy way.

Stores add unnecessary ingredients to keep things from spoiling. It is better for people who buy and eat this outside to be careful as this will further affect our health.

 A spoonful of mayonnaise contains 94 calories and can lead to rapid weight gain and increased risk of liver damage, cancer, and heart disease. Make it at home with your own hands and keep it in the fridge for a day or two.

Ingredients for Mayonnaise:

 Egg – 2, White pepper – one teaspoon, Garlic – 3, Salt – quarter teaspoon, Sugar – half teaspoon, Lemon juice – 2 table spoon, Rebind oil – quarter cup.

Mayonnaise Recipe Description:

 First wash a mixing jar. Break 2 raw eggs and add it. Some people use only egg whites to avoid rancid egg yolks. The addition of pepper and garlic does not make it green. 

Those who do not have white pepper can add black pepper. Add peeled garlic cloves, chillies to the egg and add salt and half a spoonful of sugar as needed and run the mixer. Start with low flow and gradually work your way up to high flow.

 Then put it on medium speed and when everything is mixed together, open the lid of the mixer jar and add half a cup of Rebind Oil. Do not use ghee, peanut oil, coconut oil, palm oil etc. 

Add refined oil and swirl once more. Just take it around for a couple of seconds, if you take it too much it will look cool. You can leave 2 table spoon of oil and take it once again to make it thick again. 

This easy-to-make mayonnaise is made by mixing raw eggs and oil, which will quickly start breeding bacteria. So once you make it, keep it in the fridge and use it for up to four days. 

Do not use more than that. Do the same way and try eating healthy and delicious mayonnaise at home.

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